Friends of the Families Help Sustain the Fight Against Homelessness


A recent LA Times article reports that growing numbers of people in homelessness have cause the Los Angeles City Council to declare a shelter crisis. An estimated 26,000 people are living in sidewalks, cars and storm drains, and face the added threat of strong El Nino rains and flooding this winter.

At Family Promise, we’ve seen this crisis reflected in the increasing numbers who want to join the program. Hundreds of families are sleeping in their cars, on park benches, or in other unsafe places across the San Gabriel Valley.

With your help, Family Promise SGV will be able to offer more of these families a warm, safe place to stay and get back on their feet. We invite you to join Friends of the Families—our new monthly donor club.

As a Friend of the Families, your ongoing gifts will provide a reliable source of support to help our families get employed, get housed, and make a better life for their children.

“To me, our families are heroes,” says Matthew Rayburn, FPSGV’s Executive Director. “They work hard every day to get back on their feet and look for any employment or housing.

Matt works with our clients every day and sees firsthand their challenges, perseverance, frustrations, and joys. “At times it can be overwhelming,” he says. “But I’m sure you would be proud of how they try and remain positive and upbeat for their children. Our families are not looking for a handout, but rather a hand up!”

One of our clients, Maya, had lost her apartment and was living with her three kids in a motel. When she first joined the program, she found it difficult to lose her privacy and be around people all the time.

Maya had to work hard to stay positive and focused. But through her hard work and your support, Family Promise was able to help her find work. Eventually, she and her kids got their own place again.

Many people might feel bitter or angry after going through everything she has, but Maya says she “feels like a winner.”

As the numbers grow, many others like Maya need your support! Will you partner with us to help others like her rise out of homelessness?

Please consider becoming a Friend of the Families. Your monthly sustaining gift of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 will help more families like Maya’s to get off the streets, find work and new homes–and regain their lives. You can sign up through our Qgiv donation page.