Renee Gives Back to Family Promise


I’m always in awe of how things happen just when they need to happen. Things at Family Promise SGV looked a bit overwhelming this past week with Andrew (our previous case manager) leaving for another job, and Leon (our volunteer) returning to his work. We had much to do but not many workers in the field.

Then all of a sudden the phone rang and on the other end was Renee—one of our first guests in 2011. Renee said she wanted to volunteer and “give back” to FP. She works, but is available on Thursday afternoons, and she started last week as our administrative assistant.

Renee and her two children, Amen and Autumn, are a delightful family. During their stay with us, I remember taking the picture of Autumn, whose hands held the bowl used in the early Empty Bowls logo. I remember Amen and his skateboard. And I remember going to their new apartment with a coffee table and other housewarming items when they graduated the program.

In recent years I’ve followed Renee on Facebook. She always has a really positive attitude. She has worked steadily over the past six years and loves her current job.

It’s inspiring to know that just giving a family a helping hand can change the course of their lives and allow them to regain, or sometimes establish for the first time, independence and stability.

Welcome aboard, Renee. We’re glad you’re here!

- Karen Roberson