Volunteer of the Month: Kirk

Our guest families often mention Kirk as if heʼs a member of their family. Kirk is an overnight volunteer with Community Church on Holliston—in fact, maybe the overnight volunteer: someone who stays with the families and ensures they have everything they need. What a blessing!

While some congregations have difficulty getting people to commit to one night, Kirk and other volunteers like him are ready and willing to spend a whole week of nights away from the comfort of their beds. And, he reports, itʼs a blessing for him to be able to do this. Heʼs a man with a servantʼs heart who gladly cares for those in need. One young person from our guest family said of Kirk, “ He is funny and nice.” More than that, he is compassionate and kind, willing to sacrifice a little convenience to care for families who spend every night without their beds and homes. Thank you, Kirk, for being such a representative of our Family Promise overnight volunteers. And thank you Family Promise host volunteers. You are all heroes!!