Every child deserves a home and every family deserves a chance.



Volunteer of the Month: Kirk

Our guest families often mention Kirk as if heʼs a member of their family. Kirk is an overnight volunteer with Community Church on Holliston—in fact, maybe the overnight volunteer: someone who stays with the families and ensures they have everything they need. What a blessing! While some congregations have difficulty getting people to commit to one night, Kirk and other volunteers like him are …


Family Promise Stories: Jenna, Drew & Scarlett

 My name is Jenna Tennyson. On January 16, 2015, my family and I were jumped and robbed by our landlord and his friends. This was the day we fell into what I like to call the homeless hole. I call it this because, in reality, thatʼs really what it is like. Homelessness is easy to fall into, but what you donʼt realize is how hard it is to claw your way out. When a lot of people think of .

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Established in 2011, Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley is a nonprofit organization that touches lives by addressing family homelessness in the local community. We partner with faith congregations, civic organizations, and individuals to offer homeless children and their families temporary housing and other assistance, enabling them to get back on their feet.

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Family Promise has created a network of congregations across the western San Gabriel Valley that take turns providing housing and meals for homeless families admitted into the program.

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Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley is funded entirely through contributions from individuals, congregations, businesses, civic organizations, and foundations.All donations are tax deductible (Tax ID #27-0315194).

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To help homeless children by helping their families: to stay intact, to regain stable housing and to return to steady work, in the warm fold of a supportive, volunteer-driven community.

What if your family suddenly became homeless?

You’re working hard, supporting your kids. And then the unthinkable happens: You find yourselves without a home. What would that be like? In this new video, families share the challenges they faced. Discover just a few of the ways Family Promise SGV, working with congregations and supporters from across our community, is helping families regain their homes—and their lives.

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