Be a Fundraising Champion!

September 11

Want to make sure every child can have a home and every child has a bed?

Take 5 minutes and join us as a Fundraising Champion!

Set Up a Fundraising Champion Page:

  1. Visit the Night Without A Bed Campaign.
  2. Click on the button that says "I Want to Fundraise For This.
    • Choose to set up a Personal Fundraising page or create a Team page and invite members of your congregation, small group, coworkers, family members, etc... (more details below for setting up a Team page)
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your account. 
  4. With your own Fundraising page you can:
    • Write a personal note that tells your "why" - why you care about families experiencing homelessness, why you volunteer, why you are passionate about and believe in the work FPSGV is doing...  you can even record a short video and post that!
    • Set your own fundraising goal - $500 is the default but choose a goal that is a challenge for you!
    • Upload a personal photo, or just use the default campaign logo that is already there.
    • It's your page - be creative and share your heart! 
  5. Share your page!  Use the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email buttons to share your personal fundraising page’s unique link to raise awareness about what we do and challenge your friends to join you in giving up your own beds so that a child can have a bed.  
  6. Now, go to our Facebook Event page and click "Going" :)

Stay tuned!

  • We’ll be sending out some REMINDERS and PROMPTS over the next couple of weeks to keep things on track and give you some resources to share on your social media pages or by email with your community.
  • We'll also be posting on Facebook as part of the Campaign so please like and share those posts as well.
  • We're working to create RESOURCES that will be on our website and Facebook for kids of all ages and adults to engage the reality of family homelessness on Sept. 11 while we each choose to sleep without our bed.

On the night of the event, don’t forget to TAKE PICTUES!

  • Post them on our Facebook Event page with #NightWithoutABed and #FPSGVRespondsTogether.
  • Share them on your other social media channels too. (If you do not have a Facebook page, send them to us at and we will share it!)

Set Up a Team Page (Team Page Set-up Guide):

  1. From the "I Want to Fundraise For This" button, choose "Create a Team Page", then set up a Team account as the Team Leader with your email address and a password.  
  2. Edit your Team Page:
    • Name your team.
    • Set a team fundraising goal.
    • Write a short note to motivate and inspire your team.
    • Upload a photo of your choice (your church's logo or something else) or the Campaign logo is available as a default.     
  3. Invite people to join your Team and create their own fundraising page by clicking "Share this Page" button or "Copy Link" - you can share it directly through social media or by email.