Night Without a Bed


Children’s Bedtime Stories

Some of our friends at Family Promise SGV chose some of their favorite books to share with your children tonight.

Listen to Michelle read ‘Max the Minnow’ and ‘We Got This’

‘We Got This’ is a short story told by Lily, a Sesame Street character that experienced homelessness with her family.  In this story she talks with Baby Bird who is having a hard time waiting while his family builds their nest. (Starts at 4:01)


Listen to Dzabe read

Listen to Marjory read

Children’s Resources

Sesame Street provides some incredible resources to talk about family Homelessness for young children – whether a child experiencing homelessness themselves, knows a friend who is, or any child growing in their understanding and empathy for others in difficult circumstances.  We’ve included a link to Sesame Street resources specific to family homelessness  - videos, coloring pages for kids, resources and prompts for parents to engage with their kids and talk about Lily and her family's experiences


Watch a short clip from Sesame Street about Lilly

Adult Resources

Links to websites with statistics, stories, articles about homelessness

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Videos/Documentaries: Relevant homelessness in Los Angeles and other cities

Priced Out: LA’s Hidden Homeless | CBS Documentary

Los Angeles is in the midst of the worst homeless crisis the city has ever seen, driven by rising rents, stagnant wages and an affordable housing shortage. CBSN Originals' Adam Yamaguchi meets a single mother living in her car with her teenage daughter, just one example of L.A.'s hidden homeless population that is steadily growing as longtime residents are priced out of their homes — with nowhere else to go.

Hidden Homeless: Day In the Life of a Homeless Family

Donna Pinaula and her kids have been homeless in Vancouver since 2012. They have stayed with family, in shelters and in a tent. In this video, The Columbian followed Donna and her kids through a typical day.

The Hidden Homelessness Crisis in California (HBO) 

There is a shortage of affordable housing in every state in the country, but it's especially bad in California — where there's only one affordable housing unit for every five extremely low income households. The gap is not only pushing more and more people out onto the streets—it's also creating a new, fast-growing, and hidden class of homelessness: People who in the past would have been able to afford a room or apartment but now live in their cars by necessity. Danielle Williams is one of them. She’s a single working mother who has been living in her van with her daughter for five years. At first, it meant sleeping in dark, scarcely populated areas, and being hassled by the police. But thanks to a program called Safe Parking — a network of parking lots equipped with porta-potties and lot monitors — she can now stay in her car overnight without worrying about her safety. VICE News traveled to California to see how the new program is helping people like Danielle live a little more comfortably, and met with a government official who’s frustrated there aren’t longer term solutions to help the roughly 16,000 people in Los Angeles who now sleep in their cars.

Seattle Homeless Family Finds Support in Tent City 3

Josiah, Tricia and their son live in Tent City 3, a city-sanctioned tent community in Seattle. Tricia shares about the challenges homeless families and individuals have to go through to get the help they need. Nonprofit funding is based on specific grant requirements, and if you do not fit those requirements, you cannot get support. Josiah and Tricia are sober and married not wanting to separate. Their only option since they had a young child was Tent City 3. Think about that for a second: homeless services do not offer support for a married couple with a young child that wants to stay together as a family!

The Man Building Tiny Homes for the Homeless in LA (SBS Dateline)

The mayor of Los Angeles has declared a homelessness crisis. As the city struggles to respond, one man has his own unique solution. But can he evade authorities to get people off the streets? Dateline reporters scour the globe to bring you a world of daring stories. Our reputation is for fearless and provocative reporting. Australia's beloved, award winning and longest running international current affairs program.

On the Streets: A Feature Documentary on Homelessness in LA (LA Times)

'On the Streets' is a 12-part video series about homelessness in Los Angeles. Journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti tackles this complex issue by putting faces to the statistics.

Los Angeles Homeless: A Tale of Two Cities

A film presenting the visual breadth of the homeless tragedy in Los Angeles. A "never-been-done-before-video" that documents 8,000 homeless, almost 1 out of 5 of the total unsheltered on the streets of LA. A critique of the current approach as well as a proposed solution.

Breaking Point: California’s Homeless Crisis